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perfusion culture systems

flow chamber system FCS1c

The bottom of the flow channel is formed by the corpus, the side wall – by the gasket, and its top – by the cover slip. The cover slip may be pre-coated with a cell monolayer in a multi-well plate, and will be fixated on the flow chamber by a clip-on spring jacket. This allows an easy exchange of the cultures to be investigated. Modifying the thickness of the gasket and/or the width of its gap, the channel geometry may be altered with the aim to use a whole range of well-defined shear stress. The flow chamber was designed to allow fluorescence microscopic observation of a perifused cell layer at high resolution.

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Flow chamber FCS1c
303 0000Flow chamber, complete
303 0100Main corpus with tubing adapter
303 0510Clip-on spring, pack of 10
303 0521Cover slips, pack of 10, thermanoxø 25 mm
303 0522Cover slips, pack of 10, glassø 25 mm
303 0530Chamber tubing, complete with Luer fitting, pack of 2
303 0541Silicon gasket, pack of 10h = 0.3 mm
303 0543Silicon gasket, pack of 10h = 0.5 mm

Specific advantages

  • Ability to observe cultures by fluorescence microscopy
  • Use of coverslips pre-coated with cell cultures
  • Easy assembling by means of a clip-on spring jacket
  • Generation of defined shear stresses in the flow channel
  • Possibility to position the monolayer at the bottom or on top of the media flow
  • Variety in flow channel geometry by modifying the gasket
  • Leak-proof set-up of the flow chamber

Technical data

Channel length: 15 mm
Channel width : ≥ 2 mm
Channel height: 300 µm
Working distance: 1 mm
Shear stress: 0 - 3 Pa