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perfusion culture systems

perfusion culture system PCS3c

Both bottom and top of the leak-proof perfusion chamber have integrated glass windows to allow not only a visual control of the culture, but also its microscopic observation. To disconnect the chamber temporarily from the system, a coupling that maintains sterility may be used. The universal lower chamber unit has an build-in air bubble trap avoiding malnutrition of parts of the culture. By designing two different upper chamber units, it guarantees a high variability of applicable cell and tissue supports (membranes, filters, well inserts, etc.). The system may be completed with a cooling plate that allows a bench-top storage of the media bag at low temperature.

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Perfusion chamber PCS3c
301 0100Perfusion chamber, lower universal unit
301 0200Perfusion chamber, upper membrane-housing unit
301 0300Perfusion chamber, upper well insert-housing unit
301 0411Membrane, Millicell, pack of 10ø Pores 0.4 µm
301 0422Well-insert, Millicell PTFE, pack of 5ø Pores 0.4 µm, transparent
301 0501O-ring-set
301 0520Chamber tubing (complete with Luer fitting and O-ring), pack of 4
301 0503Inspection windows, pack of 2

Specific advantages

  • Ability to observe cultures microscopically inside the perfusion chamber
  • Variety of cell and tissue supports applicable (membranes, filters, well inserts)
  • Built-in air bubble trap that avoids poor nutrition or partial drying of the culture
  • Two-compartment chamber allows the application of a medium gradient, e.g. for drug testing
  • Leak-proof set-up of the perfusion chamber
  • Use of media bags for easy handling

Technical data

Filling volume of lower unit: 1.5 ml
Filling volume of upper unit: 6.5 ml
Height of assembled chamber: 28.0 mm
Diameter of chamber: 53.0 mm
Height of lower unit: 10.0 mm
Height of upper unit: 18.0 mm
Diameter of membrane: 25.0 mm
Diameter of well insert: 27.0 mm
Height of well insert: 12.0 mm
Recommended flow rate: 1 - 10 ml/h